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ARKRUZ holds an innovative position in the communication telecom/financial industry by providing integrated and rapidly deployable OSS solutions and services to the market based on the international industry standards with innovative technical architecture. With in-depth knowledge and experience on industry needs, ARKRUZ is set to be an integrated high-end OSS solution & service leveraging clouding DB architecture, business intelligence and so onSIEM. Under the rapidly changed technology environment in the industry, ARKRUZ will provide its expertise to integrate innovative solution & service to the market based on the business intelligence & requirement.


Our Business & Services

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Business Domain Overview.

ARKRUZ leads and provides the following business and service.

Architecture & Consulting Service.

ARKRUZ provides the integrated OSS/BSS consulting services covering the end-to-end value chain of telecommunication as followed.

System Integration.

ARKRUZ provides the integrated & economical System Integration Services for Communication. Upon the customer's requirement, ARKRUZ could provide the full-range of End-to-End services as followed.